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By Murat Can Türkmen

We are daily growing with our community. As we want to remain close to our subscribers and students, we decided to create the uLearn newsletter and news page.

As always, your feedback is the most valuable aspect for our growth. So as we receive your input, we try our best to implement your suggestions into uLearn. Therefore with our newsletter you will receive the most important and the relevant updates on uLearn. 

What are uLearn announcements?

uLearn announcements are our way to keep you updated and provide you our promotions, such as uLearn coupon codes.

We plan to send our newsletter only once in a month with our hot topics. 

Joining our newsletter is super simple:

  1. Click on “Account Settings” under My Profile
  2. Click on “Notifications” on the menu
  3. Check for “Subscribe/Unsubscribe to uLearn newsletter”

And that’s it! You are now the part of our newsletter family ☺️

If you still don’t want to receive e-mails from uLearn but have interest in our updates, you can still follow us on our social media accounts. You can find the links below. We will be happy to have you among us. 

What do you think about our newsletter? You can join the discussion and leave your comment below:

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