What Is uLearn?

uLearn is an online learning platform for students and young entrepreneurs. Our aim is to make student life simpler by providing compact, professional summaries with examples or real time cases. 

Starting pilot phase in 2019, uLearn helped over 350 students in a short period of three months. We plan to upload all business administration and economy courses to give students a better overview and understanding. 

Please keep in mind that we grow and upload new content every week. With your support, we can do it even faster. So here is uLearn; for people, who desire to learn.

What to find on uLearn?




Regular Updates
Targeted Exam Content
Case Questions and Solutions
Topic Specific Materials
Solution Frameworks
Exam-Focused Learning Modules
Perfect for Self-Study

Interactive Teaching
Experienced Tutor
Mini Exam Simulations
Real-Time Feedback
Collective Exam Prep
Up to date Materials
Continuous Support

Included in all law courses
Exam Related Q&A Sessions
Interactive Question Solving
Tips and Tricks for Questions
Focus on your Questions

Our Courses

Why uLearn?


All uLearn content is created with support of successful students. These students have expertise in private and professional tutoring, which makes our content easy to understand.

Interface of uLearn is easy to use. You just need to select a course and book it. After booking, you can use your laptop, tablet or even phone to continue your learning.

Ease of Use

Regular Updates

uLearn is updated regularly. We update our content every week. With every semester, we compare our content with content of university classes so we can optimise our summaries

What Do Our Students Say?

Step into the world of student success with our testimonials! Here, you’ll find the real stories of students just like you who have embarked on learning journeys with us. From conquering tough subjects to mastering new skills, our platform has been the launchpad for countless achievements. These testimonials aren’t just words on a screen—they’re the voices of your peers, sharing their triumphs and challenges to inspire and motivate you along your own educational path.

So, whether you’re considering joining our community or already a part of it, take a moment to dive into these testimonials. They’re not just stories; they’re proof that with dedication and the right support, anything is possible. Get ready to be inspired, because your success story could be next!

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