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What you receive with the course “Privatrecht”:

✅ Easy-to-Understand Language
✅ Professional Summaries
✅ Cases with Solution Schemes
✅ Interactive Quizzes
✅ Ongoing Support
✅ Engaging Learning Experience
Coffee Corners for Q&A Sessions

Introducing Coffee Corners!

As part of this course, you now have access to Coffee Corners—interactive Q&A sessions where we solve students’ questions in a relaxed, informal setting. These sessions are designed to enhance your understanding and provide personalized support.

Coffee Corners are scheduled periodically. Make sure to check the calendar for upcoming sessions.

Note: This course grants access to “Privatrecht” only. For live classrooms and more, check out Virtual Classroom for Privatrecht or Bundle to access everything about Privatrecht!

Do you have additional questions? Contact us via WhatsApp (+4369915093556)

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